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This journal is semi friends-only. Some entries are visible to all, but most of them - any remotely personal entries - will be friends-only.
I've also disabled non-friends from commenting, since I got a lot spam-comments and don't have the nerve to delete them again and again.
Just friend me, if you like, I don't bite (usually).

I also decided to make me my own table I can work with for my stories. I thought some quotes would give me more input than just single words, so these are tables with some of my favourite quotes. Maybe it'll help me to write more regularly.

Table English #1 )

Table English #2 )

Table German #1 )

Table German #2 )

Anyone who feels like trying one of those tables can take them, I don't mind (I didn't thought up the quotes anyway XD)
And Table German #1 Quote #4 only got there because it made me think of Transformers... yes, I'm as simple as that.
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Yes, I am STILL alive lol (nothing can destroy meee I handed in my Master thesis so I am allowed to be like this right now ok, though I have been full of cold the past week or so, but it still hasn't knocked me out, HA)

I wish you all a very very happy New Year and hope 2017 is a lot better than 2016 was (I know how we all wish for it to just end finally, so here's to hoping).

I hope you're all good and have a nice time watching 2016 die :D
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... another update! Yay! Maybe THIS time I'll manage to update more regularly? Experience shows I probably won't, but I can only try!

I haven't read the text I needed to read for my next seminar... oops. And I only have, like, half an hour left. But on the other hand, I managed to eat something (seeing as I'm a uni student, it was an easy pasta dish LOL).

So, here's what's next on my Low Key Writing To Do List
write 15 minutes on the TW fic scene
do some more worldbuilding for my original story
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Because things happen and I guess I have to update you all.

Jaw Problems and Dentist Stuff
Cut for whining about jaw pain )

Bestest Best Brother in the World + his awesome girlfriend
Read more... )

Uni friend and TV series
Read more... )

Anyway, I'm too tired to keep writing. Dead tired doesn't even begin to describe how tired I'm feeling. So. Good night. I'll just pass out on my bed.


Feb. 28th, 2014 08:21 am
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Woke up in the middle of the night because I needed to drink something. So I wandered to the kitchen in the dark. Of course that wouldn‘t go well. Banged my head against the door frame.
Am now called "unicorn" by my parents.

So I‘m on my way to a friend now I‘ll be staying at till Tuesday. I hope I won‘t get the stupid idea to wander around in the dark there. Don‘t want to be called anything that has two horns.

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SCRIVENER - THE Writing Program (by Literature & Latte)

"Scrivener for Mac OS X and Windows is an Award-winning writing software for novelists, scriptwriters, academics or anyone working on long texts requiring research and structure, or taming the chaotic process of writing. If you are looking for the best Book Writing Software, take us for a free 30 day trial period. Finish your ebooks, short stories, novels and other writing projects today quickly with Scrivener."

Every fanfic writing fangirl should so totally own this program. I bought it. I used it. I FELL IN LOVE. HARD. OH SO HARDDDDD. I know now I don’t need no man. I needed Scrivener all along. It’s like, the bestest best writing program EVERRRRR.

And my money. And you can have me too. Just let me write in Scrivener for the rest of my life.

Awesome features?
• the corkboard (with notecards)
• putting all kinds of documents into it like pics, pdf, audio…
• viewing two documents at the same time (like, writing while having a picture below or above)
• a frikking name generator
• awesome formatting
• Scrivening (viewing all the scenes in one document with edits to them being applied to the individual scenes)

And so much more. I think I might die of its awesomeness. It’s a dream come true.

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Happy New Year to everyone, even if you're not in my time zone
No fancy stuff aka pictures this time because my smartphone is shitty and doesn't even load LJ normally.

Have a wonderful year 2014! May happiness and luck come to you as fast as a horse ;3
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In capital letters because I forgot to write this post yesterday *le guilt*

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(Title is a quote by Walt Disney)

Because, OH MY GOSH, today's Disney Day here in Germany and there are loooots and loooooots of Disney movies on TV *____*
I'm so happy. They're just so cute and beautiful and and and everything. Lol. Though Quasimodo always manages to at least make me almost cry D:

Walt Disney was a wonderful man with wonderful quotes. |D
"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

*scurries off to watch Mulan*
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Happy New Year, everyone! :D
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So I started reading Grimms Manga and kind of wanted to comment on it. So I thought, why not do this? :3
I don't think I need to tell you this, since it's in the title... but there will be spoilers /D

First off, the pictures before the stories:
They're coloured, and they're cuuuute! Lemme show you:
First page
Second page
Third page

The wolf's blushing |D How cute is that?

First story: Little Red Riding Hood )

Next story is Rapunzel )

Next Story: Hansel and Gretel )

Next Story: The Twelve Huntsmen )

Next Story: The Two Brothers, Parts one and two )

Well, that was volume 1. And I'm through commenting for today xD So, there it is.
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... Everyone!
I hope you're all enjoyed the day and will continue to do so for the remaining time :3
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Chemtrails. WTF.
I weep for humanity.


Apr. 29th, 2012 12:07 pm
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I watched The Avengers yesterday, and I have one word:


That movie was so epic! EPIC! ASDFGHJKLQWERTZUIO§&$#

The way they introduced each character! AWESOME. I mean, Natasha? HOW AWESOME WAS THAT? And Tony! GAWD, I LOVE TONY XD
And what I really hadn't expected is... that Hulk was so goddamn AWESOME TOO. So... so... SO AWESOME.
Yes, my vocabulary is very reduced right now. But I can't help eeet!
And that quarrel they had when Thor appeared! XDD Loki must have laughed his ass off. The whole cinema hall surely did.
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Since I got tagged (never thought that would happen someday *lol*) by [ profile] stharridan, here's the music meme.
Ten bands/singers and the first song I heard from them, the song I fell in love with, and my current favourite.

1. Linkin Park
First song: In the end
Song I fell in love with: Breaking the habit
Current favourite: In the end (again xD) and Forgotten and kind of Leave out all the rest

2. Muse
First song: Time is running out
Song I fell in love with: Time is running out (I know, it's the same xD)
Current favourite: Hysteria

3. Yellowcard
First song: Only One
Song I fell in love with: Believe
Current favourite: One Year Six Months

4. Alphaville
First song: Forever Young
Song I fell in love with: Forever Young ? xD
Current favourite: You could think I'd have enough of that song, but... Forever Young X"D I think it will be my all-time favourite with Alphaville

5. Hoobastank
First song: The Reason
Song I fell in love with: Out of Control
Current favourite: Same Direction

6. Keane
First song: Everybody's changing
Song I fell in love with: This is the last time
Current favourite: Looking Back

Actually... I don't really have any favourite bands besides Linkin Park, just favourite songs *lol* So it's kind of hard coming up with more bands and singers xD I hope it's okay if I list classical music too ^^°

7. Tchaikovsky
First piece: Nutcracker suite (through the animated movie xD)
Piece I fell in love with: I. Scene Lake in the Moonlight from the Swan Lake suite
Current Favourite: VIII. Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker suite
I just love these two ballets... Can't help it, though I also like his other compositions. So much feeling, so many emotions... He still makes me shudder sometimes.

8. Beethoven
First piece: no, NOT the Moonlight Sonata (what a surprise! ^^) but actually For Elise, one of my favourite pieces by Beethoven at that time <3 I loved it to pieces playing it on my piano. Every free minute I'd sit down and learn playing it without any mistakes.
Piece I fell in love with: Well, pretty classical mainstream, but it's the Moonlight Sonata. Loved playing it as much as listening to it <3
Current favourite: Hn, I'd say the sonata Pathétique

9. Frédéric Chopin
First piece: Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2
Piece I fell in love with: Fantaisie-Impromptu Op. posth. 66 I LOVE IT TO PIECES. IT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! Playing and listening as well *___*
Current favourite: Well, the Fantaisie-Impromptu - it's one of my favourite pieces ever and will certainly stay my favourite out of all Chopin-pieces. Hurrr, how happy I was when my piano teacher actually allowed me to play it <3<3<3 sooo much love. Especially the beginning and the end.

10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart I know, it's like... the mainstream of mainstream
First piece: It's a minuet... but I don't remember which. I have the notes here but it just reads "Minuet" lol. WHAT THE, I want to know what that is o_O But it was sooo many years ago... *sigh* oh the memories xD
Piece I fell in love with: Fantasia in D minor. Also one of my favourite pieces ever. I so SO much love the breaks! *_* GAWD, it's so awesome. And so much fun to play with its constantly varying pace.
Current favourite: Same as with Chopin - Fantasia in D minor. Although I, of course, love some other pieces by him too.

And now I didn't even get to mention Rachmaninov and Debussy and Schubert and Bach D: And I'm still missing my Vivaldi CD. Q_Q I want it back.

So, uh, feel tagged, f-list! If any of you is up to it, that is.
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Can someone tell me how to make the muse shut up when you should be learning? It's so frustrating to get all those ideas thrown at me when I'm in the middle of trying to remember the thousands over thousands different psychodiagnostic tests and methods by as many different people x_X
My muse really knows how to torture me. Must be why the newest plot bunny is about a schizophrenic girl... Too much studying combined with too many ideas.
And anyway, why is psychodiagnostics so freaking boring? And why do we have to learn the freaking history of psychiatry and psychodiagnostics? Isn't it enough that we know about it? I mean, it won't help us later at all... and we can still look it up when needed.
I'm not anti-history. I think it's important to know it (you know that quote "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"? But it's also kind of like that one "History teaches that history teaches us nothing"). But I also think it's useless to ask questions regarding history in exams. If you're not actually studying history.
Buuut enough of this.

I have decided that I'll continue my Tactics story in English. I've asked in the pretty empty and almost inactive German Tactics forum whether there's any interest in a story... and I haven't got an answer in five days, I believe. So... I'll switch to English. Bigger fanbase, better chance at getting any feedback at all. Though I still believe I'm not nearly good enough to be writing in English. Every time I read an English story, there are words I wouldn't have ever used because I'm not familiar with them, even though I pretty much understand them when I read them. Sentence structure(sometimes, when it's a more complicated one) and idioms are another such thing I'm nor very confident in.
So I decided I will make exercises from time to time. Like, writing a drabble with specific words I don't normally use. I'm of the opinion that you learn better if you're actually using the language. And quite some time ago I already made a list with words I want to learn well (words I read in other stories, in books, or when I was bored and randomly opened the dictionary, lol). Time to put that to use.

The weather is good again. Sunshine and all. I think I'll spend some time in our garden today - I know I'll miss the sun terribly in winter, so I'm planning on seizing the chance to sit in the sun while I still can. I'm such a sun person, it's not funny any more. It's got to the point that I'm annoyed at people in the train who put down the curtains o_Ó

So, I guess this is another rather random entry.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Oooh, I love this question =)
It must be a tie between Who wants to live forever and Radio Gaga. When I first heard Who wants to live forever on the radio I just fell in love with that song. It started so slowly, so calmly... and I could practically feel the emotion in Freddie Mercury's voice... and when he sings "When love must die" it's just HURRRRR *_____* I think that's my favourite part in that song.
I didn't like Radio Gaga as much as I do now before my German teacher talked about it and how it's a pretty critical song. Since he mentioned it in our class I started to listen to it more and somehow... well, I became a bit addicted to it xD Every time I hear it on the radio I'm singing along with it. It's great.
But, uh, I generally like Queen, so... yeah.

On another note... I've got more done on my writing. I'm starting to get some doubts about my Tactics fanfiction, but that's as expected from me *lol* I always get doubts about my stories. Thanks to my non-existent self-confidence. Screw you, you lousy self-confidence. (But I still love the plot).
The key is not to listen to that. Or else I won't get anything done at all. And we all know that you only really improve if you write a lot.
Anyway... Kantarou has got himself into big trouble already *lol* I just love getting my favourite characters into trouble.
... GREAT. Now my muse tossed me another idea, which requires rewriting the whole current chapter I'm almost finished with (and which would get Kantarou into even greater trouble sooner <3). Why is my muse so mean to me?
Maybe I'll find a way to do this so I don't have to rewrite all of that... I think I have an idea. Ain't I great today? o_O
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So I was at a Middle Ages Market (or whatever it's called in English) and... I saw an ocarina stand and well... I've got an ocarina now :D (Zeldaaa! The bestest best game ever invented because it's the only game I ever played till the end except for the pokemon and maybe some Mario and Yoshi games lol).
The problem with this ocarina is... I can't find any fingering charts for this type. None at ALL. It's a nine-hole sweet potato style one with four holes on the top and three on the bottom (two in the back). And it's F-pitched.

I have tried making me a fingering chart myself using my piano and trying out notes... and well, I think I've got one octave plus two more notes. But the half-tones are what kills me D: I just can't figure them out.
It seems the only way to get a fingering chart for my type of Ocarina is to buy another one where the chart is included -_- Thank you very much.

But nonetheless - I'm already playing Zelda's Lullaby on it *lol* I just can't help it that I'm a major Zelda fangirl.
One of these days I'm gonna cosplay Link and run around with that ocarina playing Zelda tunes <3

Oh, yes, and my brother and I bought a set of kunais *lol* I don't know what we need them for, but they were really cool (Narutooo!). I think we need to stop throwing away our money.
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I've just come across a link that dealt with fanfiction legal issues and such... and I couldn't help but look more into it and then I found this:


Some of the anti-fanfiction comments there are the most ridiculous statements I have ever read. o_O

"Those that engage in fanfic production do so because they lack any real creativity or originality."
"fanfic is soulless"

... just LOL.

This is probably also one of the few things I disagree with Holly Lisle about. I love her workshops and articles and all the helpful things she provides for writers and her easy to follow way of explaining and showing how you can do things, but sometimes, I just hate her attitude when she acts as though her opinion is fact.
But then again, I don't have to like everything about a person, now, do I?
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I watched it on Thursday with my brother and - please excuse me in my glee for a second


*cough* Yes, well, I liked it. Well, aside from the fact that Optimus' text was pretty lame most of the time, and the fact that the confrontation at the end with Megatron was like, two seconds, head off, the end. WTH? Okay, so he was pretty beaten... but Optimus was missing his arm... (and I thought Megatron was already really dead. Must be a trope).
I love Sam's antics xD Really... Nurse hats? Nurses? *lol*
Anyway, I hope there won't be another Transformers movie in this transformers universe. It's enough, really.

And I should be learning right now. Learning would be good. But I'm just not *drop*


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