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OMG, I still can't believe there's a novel o_O

Supernatural - Heart of the Dragon

Why didn't I know that? *looks at the lack of money* ;_; *sniff*
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Uhm... it didn't have any title, which I find kind of funny. Lol.

Now a much much more interesting fact: OMG why didn't anyone ever tell me that Chase and Cameron ALWAYS look at each other when House says something sarcastic? I mean, watch the first episodes again and you'll see! o_O

Uhm... Nooo I'm NOT obsessed! *hides the house dvd boxes* ^__^

Buuut! I'll watch Transformers today because I have time, I think. I hope oO Anyway, I'll be going, my parents just arrived and will scold me if I don't.

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Yes, I'm obsessed with House MD. What a surprise... *points to header*
I just can't get enough from this witty doctor <3
And... yeah, I'm obsessed with Chase/Cameron. They are just too cute, really. I mean

"It's Tuesday." (Cameron)
"No, it's Monday." (Chase)
"I know. I just didn't feel like waiting." (Cameron)

That was just... hrfjsikejcxsazyxzaldk. Yup, I'm crazy. But it's not my fault! House's team invaded my brain and sabotaged my synapses! It's not funny.
But they are engaged goddammit! *_* It's been a while since I last liked a canon couple so much.
But my favourite character is and will always be Greg House! <3 No one is as witty and as sarcastic and as competent as he is. NO ONE EVER. Not even Seto Kaiba. He'd outwit Kaiba even in his sleep! *gasp*

Foreman: "Her oxygen saturation is normal."
House: "It's off by one percentage point."
Foreman: "It's within range. It's normal."
House: "If her DNA was off by one percentage point, she'd be a dolphin."

I love House. Really.

House: "You are healed. [sticks the patient in the thigh] Rise and walk."
Patient: "Are you insane?"
House: "In the Bible, they just say, "Yes, Lord" and start on in with the praising."
Patient: "What did you do?"
House: "What did you do, Lord?"

Weeeeeell... I guess I'll just, err, go and watch some more.

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Still didn't watch Transformers (but I PROMISE I will XD). I feel a little shitty, sadly. And because of that this weather finishes me off, I swear x_X

Doctor House ♥

Yes, I LOVE that series. And I wish Cameron was House's daughter *_* It's too cute, really. And I know I'm strange but can't he adopt her? Q_Q Sooooo cute... So so cute.
I mean... "I'm proud of you" It's SOOO father-daughter!!!
Must. Watch. *coughs*

And, what I always wanted to know since I moved to livejournal... am I really the only person here who watches movies because of the movies and not because of the pairings? O_o It somehow seems like it *feels so alone*
I mean... I don't know what I mean *drop*



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