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I go to school by bike. And guess what happened? Well, it rained. It already was raining when I went out of the house but not much. If you just thought of the rain as liquid sunshine everything was fine... but who would have thought that it would transform into a rainstorm? I got to school, soaking wet - and I tell you, it's SO uncomfortable when the water drips down from your jeans on your leg x_X And all the talk about "liquid sunshine" doesn't help. And it's fucking cold! Moreover I had to write a course test today and was STILL wet in fourth period and was btw freezing my ass off.
And then, some shitty, spoilt brat asked me whether I was anorexic while I passed by. What the hell? I'm not NEAR anorexia. It's just that I have a slender waist. I eat. And I eat a lot and what can I do if I'm not getting fatter? <.<
Anyway, if I'M already anorexic for that brat, what's a REAL anorexic for him then? A thin thread? Not human any more? A zombie?
If I wasn't so done for after the course test I would have answered wittier than just with a "No"...
Anyway, on to the good things today: the course test was so GREAT. I knew it would pay off that I love "Romeo and Juliet" so much. I'm so pleased with myself, it's amazing |D
And now I'm dry and warm and under a roof. Everything's fine, the last course test is done and on Sunday I'm going to fly to London |D I'm sooo excited! I wanna see the library! +_+
Anyway, I need to do homework now.
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I guess now I know more about America than about Germany. Scary.
And the phrases "Pledge of Allegiance", "Declaration of Independence", "Melting Pot" and all the other ones are flying through my brain and kicking everything else out. Gah, I THINK in English THE WHOLE TIME. Not good when you're trying to write an analysis in GERMAN.
Ow... My brain hurts. Not head, BRAIN. It surely is an overload and I guess it will shut down soon.
Too much words, too much phrases and too much American history. It IS interesting and I like my advanced english course. I wouldn't have picked it if I didn't like English but... LOOK at me. I'm talking BULLSHIT.
Well, at least my teacher loves me. That counts, right?

I really look forward to Friday, the last schoolday before holidays. The only thing I hate Friday for is the German class test. Gah.
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~so you play where you want to play
on the main streets where the creeps all pray
and you can feel like you're in dynasty
and you can be what you want to be~

Nach unendlich langer Zeit nerve beglücke ich euch wieder mit einem Eintrag^^
Ich fühle mich gerade zwar richtig mies, okay, was heißt mies, ich fühle mich eben etwas scheiße, mir ist schlecht und mein Kopf tut weh, aber im Großen und Ganzen ist es doch okay... Ich hoffe nur, dass es morgen vorbei ist, denn da bekomme ich meine Ergebnisse der zentralen Abschlussprüfung zurück... und ich hoffe natürlich auf's Beste (Heißt: Englisch 1, Mathe 2 und Deutsch 2, schlechtestes wäre Englisch 2 Mathe 3 und Deutsch 3 xD schlechter kann ich nicht sein, weil keiner die mündliche Prüfung machen muss^^ bzw. Mathe geht keine 4 und 5 und 6 schon gar nicht, weil es diese Noten nicht gibt xD Durchschnitt ist übrigens 1,9...)

So, da ich es gerne übersichtlich habe, gliedere ich diesen Eintrag einfach mal^^



Random Thoughts

Und nun verabschiede ich mich, da ich seit fünfzehn Minuten zum Essen gerufen werde und gerade ziemlich komisch bin.

~and the morning is for you
and the air is free
and the birds sing for you
and your positivity~


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