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Oooh, I love this question =)
It must be a tie between Who wants to live forever and Radio Gaga. When I first heard Who wants to live forever on the radio I just fell in love with that song. It started so slowly, so calmly... and I could practically feel the emotion in Freddie Mercury's voice... and when he sings "When love must die" it's just HURRRRR *_____* I think that's my favourite part in that song.
I didn't like Radio Gaga as much as I do now before my German teacher talked about it and how it's a pretty critical song. Since he mentioned it in our class I started to listen to it more and somehow... well, I became a bit addicted to it xD Every time I hear it on the radio I'm singing along with it. It's great.
But, uh, I generally like Queen, so... yeah.

On another note... I've got more done on my writing. I'm starting to get some doubts about my Tactics fanfiction, but that's as expected from me *lol* I always get doubts about my stories. Thanks to my non-existent self-confidence. Screw you, you lousy self-confidence. (But I still love the plot).
The key is not to listen to that. Or else I won't get anything done at all. And we all know that you only really improve if you write a lot.
Anyway... Kantarou has got himself into big trouble already *lol* I just love getting my favourite characters into trouble.
... GREAT. Now my muse tossed me another idea, which requires rewriting the whole current chapter I'm almost finished with (and which would get Kantarou into even greater trouble sooner <3). Why is my muse so mean to me?
Maybe I'll find a way to do this so I don't have to rewrite all of that... I think I have an idea. Ain't I great today? o_O
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