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This journal is semi friends-only. Some entries are visible to all, but most of them - any remotely personal entries - will be friends-only.
I've also disabled non-friends from commenting, since I got a lot spam-comments and don't have the nerve to delete them again and again.
Just friend me, if you like, I don't bite (usually).

I also decided to make me my own table I can work with for my stories. I thought some quotes would give me more input than just single words, so these are tables with some of my favourite quotes. Maybe it'll help me to write more regularly.

Table English #1
Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.A bad plan is better than no plan.
First rule of acting: Whatever happens, look as if it was intended.I wanted to forget you but I guess I forgot to.
We can't win against obsession. They care, we don't. They win.Some people build up walls just to see if anyone cares enough to tear them down.
True love can wait forever but hormones can't.Most of the things in this world don't work - but Aspirin do.
The little things people do for us often make us feel bigger than ever.My brain and I have an understanding. I don't ask it what it's doing. It doesn't ask me what I'm doing.

Table English #2
The richest man is the one who feels rich enough.Don't follow in my footsteps. I run into walls.
If I could drop dead right now I'd be the happiest man alive.Dip me in chocolate and call me dessert.
All the good things in life are either illegal, immortal, or fattening.Sticks and stones may scar my skin but words slice through my soul within.
Maybe it's true. Maybe we don't know what we have until we've lost it. But maybe it's also true that we don't know what we're missing until we find it.Life is a bitch cuz if it were a slut, it'd be easy.
There are no short-cuts to any place worth going.I don't suffer from insanity - I enjoy every minute of it!

Table German #1
Die Hälfte der Tat besteht darin, angefangen zu haben.Auch im Hass gibt es Eifersucht. Wir wollen unseren Feind für uns alleine haben.
Ich stelle mich nicht der Konkurrenz - ich vernichte sie!Mein Auto lebt! Es qualmt, es säuft, und manchmal bumst es auch.
Liebe macht blind, Freundschaft kurzsichtig.Wir wissen nicht, was wir wollen, aber wir wollen's trotzdem.
Alkohol ist keine Antwort, aber man vergisst beim Trinken die Frage.Sterben ist das Letzte, was ich tun werde!
Ein Weg entsteht dadurch, dass man ihn geht.Was man nicht überwinden kann, muss man überstürmen.

Table German #2
Wenn ich dir mein Herz an den Kopf werfe, verlierst du den Verstand.Geld ist nicht alles, aber viel Geld ist schon etwas.
Vertrauen ist, wenn man den Mund nicht halten kann.Wenn ich nicht gehe, kann ich nicht zurückkommen.
Das Schicksal ist zu wichtig, als dass man es dem Zufall überlassen könnte.Das Leben ist zu kostbar, um es dem Schicksal zu überlassen.
In meinem Kopf hat gerade noch alles Sinn gemacht.Tränen lügen nicht.
Es gibt Tage, da verliert man, und es gibt Tage, da gewinnen die anderen.Das ist keine Lüge, das ist eine sachzwangreduzierte Ehrlichkeit.

Anyone who feels like trying one of those tables can take them, I don't mind (I didn't thought up the quotes anyway XD)
And Table German #1 Quote #4 only got there because it made me think of Transformers... yes, I'm as simple as that.
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