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So I started reading Grimms Manga and kind of wanted to comment on it. So I thought, why not do this? :3
I don't think I need to tell you this, since it's in the title... but there will be spoilers /D

First off, the pictures before the stories:
They're coloured, and they're cuuuute! Lemme show you:
First page
Second page
Third page

The wolf's blushing |D How cute is that?

So, then the story starts... and it starts with some kind of wolf on a throne telling his human-wolf hybrid looking son that he needs to eat a human virgin to become a real wolf. Then he asks what a virgin is and his father kicks him out telling him to just eat a young girl XD
Then he's talking to his friends. His very cute friends. Very cute yeanling friends |D
They're telling him he should be careful because if he attacks a human, surely some hunters will chase and try to kill him.
Some pages later he meets little red riding hood, stops her and then blushes like a fiend when she turns and smiles at him xD So cute.
She tells him about her grandma and he rushes there before her, then helps her granny some with the fire and thennn little red riding hood gets there together with a hunter who notices he's a wolf and wants to shoot him, after which the wolf turns into more of a wolf, but little red riding hood stops the hunter and after the wolf turns back he proposes to her XD Which is, like, super cute.
Her granny finds it endearing while the hunter's kind of stunned XD
The story ends with two burglars or whatever wanting to get at little red riding hood but wolf turns into a wolf and scares them away. A yeanling asks him if he became a real wolf, to which he answers that he doesn't know but he's found someone he wants to protect. Which is cuuuute.
Yeah, I'm drowning in the cute.
The story wasn't really compelling or cleverly thought out, but I love the cute, so it's okay xD

It starts with the witch demanding the child of the couple because "a promise is a promise". If you know the real story of Rapunzel and not only the Disney version, then you'll know that his comes way closer to the real fairy tale, since the man really stole some rapunzels from the witch because his wife was ill during pregnancy, after which the witch demanded the daughter in return for the salad.
Well, the witch takes the child and then it switches to More than ten years later. And Rapunzel sings a song about an old, heavy woman while throwing her hair down to let the witch climb up XD
Then, some time later, the witch is gone and there's another girl walking through the forest and she sees the tower and Rapunzel lets her hair down so that the girl can climb up. Well, then there's Rapunzel... and Rapunzel's actually a he XDDD What a twist.
No wonder there's a GIRL that finds him. Lol. Well, it's really cute, though, because there are some panels that show some time passes and the girl, Eva, visits Rapunzel often and they grow closer and I think they end up sleeping with each other. Else, I can't explain why Eva's father comes there all angry and climbs up and threatens Rapunzel XD
Well, then the witch comes back and the father yells at the witch, all "you're the guardian, YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE" XDD
And I was right, Eva's pregnant. What a surprise.
The witch throws Rapunzel out the window and he falls, but his hair catches some thorny bushes and he crashes somewhere in some bushes, where some people find him. They cut his hair and take him to the village.
And then Eva finds that village, gets twin babies and they're living happily ever after.
Well... that was an abrupt ending. Could have been better.

It starts with their mother dying and telling Hansel to keep the family together because he's the older brother. It switches to Hansel looking at his own reflection in the water - and telling himself how good-looking he is XD DAFU, I thought it was Hansel and Gretel, not Narcissus.
And lol, Hansel is so snarky towards his step-mother XD (Jealousy, he said. Jealous that he's so pretty and she isn't XD).
Then comes step-mother and forces their father to abandon his children in the forest, they wander around and find witches house. They eat, witch catches them in the act but then grabs Hansel because he's so very pretty x3 Then she brings them to her... villa! Yep, she owns a villa, apparently, and she's also pretty and young, btw, AND her name's Hildegard. Lol.
Gretel notices that she's a witch but Hansel is annoyed because he wants his skin to be pretty, so he goes with Hildegard and leaves Gretel behind. (Didn't I say something about this NOT being Narcissus? I think I'm wrong).
Gretel is forced to help in the kitchen, but she decides to save Hansel XD
AND LOL, Gretel's imagination when it's the witche's birthday and they tell her they need to prepare something special XD Hansel on a plate with vegetables and potatoes around him. It just looks so funny.
Gretel sneaks after Hildegard, to find Hansel I presume. Hildegard offers Hansel to find adoptive parents for Gretel so that he's free and can have a much better life, then Hansel remembers all the times he cared for his sister and how she loves him and he says he can't abandon her how his parents abandoned them Q_Q Which is incredibly cute, and then Hildegard wants to comfort him and Gretel thinks she's going to eat him so she jumps forth with a broom and hits Hildegard XD
Apparently, Hildegard isn't really a witch XD And she lets them go and gives Hansel some gems as a parting present. Lol. Problems solved.
They go and find their father in the forest who went to search for them <3 He left their step-mother and wants to be with his children. They go home and Narcissus Hansel tells his stunned father he got it for his beauty. Yep.

This story starts with prince Maximilian and princess Christina out in the wild on their horses when his eagle Fabian comes back and lands on Christina's arm, which makes Max jealous XD
One of Max's men comes and tells him something's wrong with his father, Max promises Christina he'll come back for her (to marry her, I guess) and goes to his father's side, who's in the middle of dying. His father asks of him to marry someone he chose for his son as a last wish and Max can't do anything but promise him that.
After that he locks up his heart and bans all women from the castle.
Christina lets one of her heralds deliver the message she will marry someone else and has thrown Max's ring away. Then she cuts her hair and dresses like a man and wants to bring Max the key to his heart, or something like that.
She looks really cool, though xD
Max owns a cat, by the way, and that cat can talk XD He knows the truth or some shit like that. And he knows that one of the huntsmen that will be chosen to accompany Max is a woman, but Max doesn't believe him, since his methods of finding out don't work XD
So, Christina is among the huntsmen and goes hunting with Max. She's the only one he lets near because he apparently knows she's Christina. But then some peasants come and ask for smaller taxes and the hunting ends because Christina wants him to be a good king. Ha. How selfless of her.
Then his new fiancée is announced to come soon, so Christina asks for another hunting party since they won't see each other as often any more. She almost falls off a cliff and Max confesses to her (to "Christian") and all the hunters make long faces because they think it's a boy XD
Well, what's that. Max also thought it was a man, not Christina. Lol? Well, he knows now xD And they kiss, how sweet. And how cute, they marry.
Have I mentioned already that I like cute stuff?

This story starts with a boy throwing a tantrum because he wants to wield a sword like his twin brother and his brother pats his head <3 (how cuuute), then the scene switches to ten years later, the calmer brother is being laughed at by some soldiers(?), then his quirky brother jumps in and gets into a fight with them protecting his brother's pride XD His brother scolds him for provoking a fight.
AND OHMIGOSH, when his calm brother says something along the lines of "If you don't learn to behave I'll never be able to leave you alone", he replies "I think we should always stay together anyway". I mean HOW CUTE AAAAAAH ASDGJHKLKJHZWE.
I so love sibling relationships. Honestly. They make me happy.
The calm brother's called Volker, btw. The quirky one is Walter.
Walter catches a bunny, who can talk and asks them to spare him/her and says they can haver her babies. Which Walter translates as "you can have them to eat them" which the bunny didn't mean, of course XD They'll be their servants.
Aww, then after meeting a talking fox, lion and bear and getting children off them too, Volker wants them to split, him taking half of the animals with him and Walter the other half.
Which Walter isn't amused by. But they split anyway. After Volker hugging his brother and telling him they'll always love each other |D Kyaaaaa. Volker jabs a magic dagger into a tree that will rust if one of them dies.
OMG HOW CUTE the next page is. *dies*
*cough* Well, one year later, Walter, the quirky brother, is a great sword fighter, but wants to see the dagger but his animal friends stop him, telling him "calm down, we're with you, aren't we?" AND HE LOOKS AT THEM AND BLUSHES AND THEY HAVE A BIIIG GROUP HUG. *dies of the cute*
Then they notice smoke and see what's wrong and the people there tell them it's a dragon. Walter decides to kill the dragon and save the princess to get a reward and a job xD
So they meet the princess in the ruin that was a castle once. All the animals find her cute, but Walter thinks she looks like she'll cry if you push her XD LOL. Then he finds she looks boring. OMG, guys...
So, Walter decides to save her despite that. She smiles and tell him her name (Anna) and Walter blushes XD Ha, liar. You think she's cute!
The animals have an idea... So Walter has to dress as the princess XD Haha, crossdressing...
AND LOL, OMG. Those animals... "I think I would marry Master Walter *w*" says the bear, the lion then punches him but after that says "hmm, I can't resist him... He is truly adorable <3" and the fox looks shocked and they all start quarrelling XDDD
Then the dragon arrives and there's a fighting scene and thanks to his animal friends he manages to kill the dragon. He takes the tongues as proof and returns to Anna to propose to her xD Hehe, told ya.
They settle down to rest a bit and then a weird man with a magic rod appears and turns everyone to stone except for the bunny (who fell asleep outside in the grass) and the princess, who he threatens to go back to the castle with him and tell the king it was him who killed the dragon D:
Then it switches to his brother Walter, who's also sad not to see his brother <3 aww. They go to the dagger and see that it's half rusted, meaning Volker isn't dead but in grave danger. Then Volker's bunny appears and tells them.
It switches to the castle and the king saying minister Godless *snicker* (though he hasn't got a name in the English version oô) should marry Anna, then it's the next day at the wedding and, TA-DAA Walter appears, dressed as a woman XD
Anna thinks it's Volker since they're twins... but everything is revealed ('xcept that he's Walter, not Volker) and the minister is banished.
Walter tries to tell them he's not Volker, but the princess is so happy and interrupts him. Too bad.
The animals follow the minister to get him to free their siblings, but he tells them he returned the magic rod to his mother, a witch, already. They force him to lead them there but the witch tricks them with food. Again, everyone but the bunny is turned to stone.
Meanwhile Walter is married to Anna and is shown in front of her and the bed. Chrm. WHAT A CHEATER. D:<
The bunny that escaped gets Walter to save the others and when Anna comes searching for him the other bunny tells her everything.
Walter arrives at the witch's place who tries to persuade him to leave everything be so that he can have a good life and says that brotherly love doesn't mean as much as personal greed, but Walter tells her "what do you know about us?" and attacks her |D But still, YOU CHEATER D:<
They get the rod and go to Volker to de-stone him, and they do, but then Walter tells him about Anna and Volker get so angry he attacks his brother. When he gets back Anna tells him that Walter put the dagger between them so they can't touch QwQ Aww, he's not a cheater after all.
Volker rushes off to get to Walter, I presume. And yessss, he gets ther and de-stones his stony brother *cough*
And they hug and make up |D AWWWW. Cute.

Well, that was volume 1. And I'm through commenting for today xD So, there it is.
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