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This journal is semi friends-only. Some entries are visible to all, but most of them - any remotely personal entries - will be friends-only.
I've also disabled non-friends from commenting, since I got a lot spam-comments and don't have the nerve to delete them again and again.
Just friend me, if you like, I don't bite (usually).

I also decided to make me my own table I can work with for my stories. I thought some quotes would give me more input than just single words, so these are tables with some of my favourite quotes. Maybe it'll help me to write more regularly.

Table English #1 )

Table English #2 )

Table German #1 )

Table German #2 )

Anyone who feels like trying one of those tables can take them, I don't mind (I didn't thought up the quotes anyway XD)
And Table German #1 Quote #4 only got there because it made me think of Transformers... yes, I'm as simple as that.
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... another update! Yay! Maybe THIS time I'll manage to update more regularly? Experience shows I probably won't, but I can only try!

I haven't read the text I needed to read for my next seminar... oops. And I only have, like, half an hour left. But on the other hand, I managed to eat something (seeing as I'm a uni student, it was an easy pasta dish LOL).

So, here's what's next on my Low Key Writing To Do List
write 15 minutes on the TW fic scene
do some more worldbuilding for my original story
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SCRIVENER - THE Writing Program (by Literature & Latte)

"Scrivener for Mac OS X and Windows is an Award-winning writing software for novelists, scriptwriters, academics or anyone working on long texts requiring research and structure, or taming the chaotic process of writing. If you are looking for the best Book Writing Software, take us for a free 30 day trial period. Finish your ebooks, short stories, novels and other writing projects today quickly with Scrivener."

Every fanfic writing fangirl should so totally own this program. I bought it. I used it. I FELL IN LOVE. HARD. OH SO HARDDDDD. I know now I don’t need no man. I needed Scrivener all along. It’s like, the bestest best writing program EVERRRRR.

And my money. And you can have me too. Just let me write in Scrivener for the rest of my life.

Awesome features?
• the corkboard (with notecards)
• putting all kinds of documents into it like pics, pdf, audio…
• viewing two documents at the same time (like, writing while having a picture below or above)
• a frikking name generator
• awesome formatting
• Scrivening (viewing all the scenes in one document with edits to them being applied to the individual scenes)

And so much more. I think I might die of its awesomeness. It’s a dream come true.

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Can someone tell me how to make the muse shut up when you should be learning? It's so frustrating to get all those ideas thrown at me when I'm in the middle of trying to remember the thousands over thousands different psychodiagnostic tests and methods by as many different people x_X
My muse really knows how to torture me. Must be why the newest plot bunny is about a schizophrenic girl... Too much studying combined with too many ideas.
And anyway, why is psychodiagnostics so freaking boring? And why do we have to learn the freaking history of psychiatry and psychodiagnostics? Isn't it enough that we know about it? I mean, it won't help us later at all... and we can still look it up when needed.
I'm not anti-history. I think it's important to know it (you know that quote "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"? But it's also kind of like that one "History teaches that history teaches us nothing"). But I also think it's useless to ask questions regarding history in exams. If you're not actually studying history.
Buuut enough of this.

I have decided that I'll continue my Tactics story in English. I've asked in the pretty empty and almost inactive German Tactics forum whether there's any interest in a story... and I haven't got an answer in five days, I believe. So... I'll switch to English. Bigger fanbase, better chance at getting any feedback at all. Though I still believe I'm not nearly good enough to be writing in English. Every time I read an English story, there are words I wouldn't have ever used because I'm not familiar with them, even though I pretty much understand them when I read them. Sentence structure(sometimes, when it's a more complicated one) and idioms are another such thing I'm nor very confident in.
So I decided I will make exercises from time to time. Like, writing a drabble with specific words I don't normally use. I'm of the opinion that you learn better if you're actually using the language. And quite some time ago I already made a list with words I want to learn well (words I read in other stories, in books, or when I was bored and randomly opened the dictionary, lol). Time to put that to use.

The weather is good again. Sunshine and all. I think I'll spend some time in our garden today - I know I'll miss the sun terribly in winter, so I'm planning on seizing the chance to sit in the sun while I still can. I'm such a sun person, it's not funny any more. It's got to the point that I'm annoyed at people in the train who put down the curtains o_Ó

So, I guess this is another rather random entry.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Oooh, I love this question =)
It must be a tie between Who wants to live forever and Radio Gaga. When I first heard Who wants to live forever on the radio I just fell in love with that song. It started so slowly, so calmly... and I could practically feel the emotion in Freddie Mercury's voice... and when he sings "When love must die" it's just HURRRRR *_____* I think that's my favourite part in that song.
I didn't like Radio Gaga as much as I do now before my German teacher talked about it and how it's a pretty critical song. Since he mentioned it in our class I started to listen to it more and somehow... well, I became a bit addicted to it xD Every time I hear it on the radio I'm singing along with it. It's great.
But, uh, I generally like Queen, so... yeah.

On another note... I've got more done on my writing. I'm starting to get some doubts about my Tactics fanfiction, but that's as expected from me *lol* I always get doubts about my stories. Thanks to my non-existent self-confidence. Screw you, you lousy self-confidence. (But I still love the plot).
The key is not to listen to that. Or else I won't get anything done at all. And we all know that you only really improve if you write a lot.
Anyway... Kantarou has got himself into big trouble already *lol* I just love getting my favourite characters into trouble.
... GREAT. Now my muse tossed me another idea, which requires rewriting the whole current chapter I'm almost finished with (and which would get Kantarou into even greater trouble sooner <3). Why is my muse so mean to me?
Maybe I'll find a way to do this so I don't have to rewrite all of that... I think I have an idea. Ain't I great today? o_O
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Jaa, ich habe beschlossen, hier mal gesammelt meine Gedichte aus meiner Literaturmappe zu posten *_* Bin ich nicht cool? XD
Chrm chrm.
Ja, die Gedichte sind jetzt nicht so die literarischen Höhepunkte, aber naja, ich hab nie behauptet, eine Dichterin zu sein.

Titellos (Schreiben nach Musik) )

Das sind natürlich nicht alle, aber die anderen fand ich nicht so toll xD Diese gehn ja noch. Aber gut. Als nächstes sind dann wohl die Storys dran, denke ich. Wenn ich sie denn noch gut genug finde.

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Yeah, our literature maps are due to Wednesday this week and I started today with my last short story for it. Ooops xD
I'm not procrastinating... much... (evil inner voice: It's a lie! A LIE!)
But! I have an idea and today I wrote already two and a half pages. And it's something I've never written before: Science Fiction. OMG. Yeah, I thought that, too. But I totally fell in love with my made-up robot! ♥
He's soooo cute! Really! And he always says "Ding" and "Dong" and I just looove him xD He likes to throw his arms in the air when someone calls him "Neuni" (because his serial Number is PC1659 [PC stands for Photon Classics - I know it sounds exactly the same as Personal Computer xD it just was the first thing that came to mind] and 'Neuni' kind of is derived from the German word for 9). Squeeeee ♥ He loves to stress names as well ^^
I want that robot @_@
Need to write *hrhrhr*

And yeah, I still didn't watch Transformers, though I wanted to but at the moment I'm a little stressed out because of my literature map ^^°
I still have to type out my three other stories... I only just finished to type the first (I've already written them, mind you, it's not that I have to come up with ideas anymore - except for the last story XD).
Maybe I'll post them sometime later if I find them good enough. They're in German, though.
Wish me luck. I'm going back to squealing over my robot while writing about him |D
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Yes, I changed back to English again |D I know I'm crazy but it doesn't hurt *g*
So I've been to Latvia for a week and came back yesterday. It was fun of course. And I really love my aunts dog. And my cousins dog too.
They're sooo adorable! My cousins dog Bonny always clings to you as if she wants to crawl under your skin. Really sweet. And she looks you directly in the eyes as if she understands you... And she loves to lick your face (and bite your nose... well, MY nose. She didn't bite anyone else's). But she's sooooo cute! She's by the way a black chinese crested powderpuff.

Oh yeah, and before I forget: I started to create a novel. A real 90k words novel. And I'm trying to finish it in one and a half months, hopefully. If I write every single day. I don't know if I will attach it to my literature map since it will be about 100 pages... What the... 100. If I write in Arial 10 (I already included the titles of the chapters... or maybe just the chapters since I'm bad at thinking of titles).
The problem will be revising the whole damn thing. But this will hopefully only take me one week. But I have a nice site that's gonna help me with it *_*
Visit it! I highly recommend that site for every writer. It's in English (obviously) but it has great stuff and workshops and How To's. Even if you only write Oneshots or short novels that site WILL help you.
At least I agree on almost everything Holly Lisle says about writing. She's not as famous as Joanne K. Rowling or Stephen King but she sells. And she sells good from what I've read.
Everytime I read things from that site I have the urge to write *_*

Btw is it strange to want to write just because I bought a new pen...?
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Ich. Glaub. Es. Nicht !!!
Kaum bin ich mal zwei Tage krank und mein Hirn arbeitet am dritten wieder normal, kommt es auf die Idee, meine KOMPLETTE NaNo-Story über den Haufen zu werfen und ein ganz neues Konzept vorzuschlagen. Boah!
Und ich falle auch noch drauf rein, weil ich es plötzlich wirklich gut finde. Viel besser als mein vorheriges. Und vor allem: Wo ist meine Romanze abgeblieben? O_O Die ist komplett in den Hintergrund gerückt. Und so ne Story schimpft sich dann "Perfect Love" (zugegeben, den Titel hab ich mir am letzten Tag schnell aus den Fingern gesaugt, weil mir nix eingefallen ist).
Okay, komplett weg ist sie auch nicht. Es geht im Grunde immer noch um Becky und Patty (hach, ich liebe diesen Spitznamen XD Und Patty hasst ihn~ hehe) und darum, ob sie sich nun die Köpfe einschlagen, einander tolerieren, oder übereinander herfallen. Ähm. Aber so zwischendurch... muss ich ja auch ihre Familienverhältnisse irgendwie klären. Und genau da liegt der Knackpunkt. Ich habe den beiden VIEL zu viel Vergangenheit verpasst, als dass es eine reine Romanze werden kann. Leider habe ich nicht dran gedacht, dass mit zu viel Hintergrund dann SOWAS bei rauskommt. Aber gut.

Achja, ich habe mir mal wieder Fullmoon wo Sagashite durchgelesen. Und... oh mein Gott, ist das TRAURIG o_O Ich habe Sturzbäche geheult. Ja, ich gebs zu, ich bin so schon nah am Wasser gebaut (was ich in der Öffentlichkeit ganz gut zu verbergen weiß - so fällt man nicht auf *hüstel*), aber ich erinnere mich, dass ich bein ersten Mal, als ich Fullmoon gelesen habe, NICHT so geheult habe. Strange strange.
Ehrlich, ich fand das so traurig, dass ich die ganze Zeit mitgefühlt habe.
Und normalerweise lese ich nicht so viel Shojo bzw. mag ich nicht so viel davon lesen, weil das meiste mich ankotzt (ja, sorry, aber so viele Lovestorys, wovon die meisten auch noch nach Schema F ablaufen, gehen irgendwann auf die Nerven).
Egal. Ich geh jetzt meinen Plot retten. Bzw schauen, was ich von dem, was ich geschrieben habe, noch verwenden kann T_T
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Ich habe noch vierzig Minuten Zeit, muss noch ca. 1000 Wörter schreiben und bin total hysterisch gerade. Und in Schreibwut.
Zum Glück gibt es Write or Die, denn damit schaffe ich 1000 Wörter in 20 Minuten. Das heißt, ich habe noch massig Zeit ^^
Und ich habe heute schon ca 14000 Wörter geschrieben, weil ich die letzte Woche nicht viel Zeit hatte und gestern irgendwie so lustlos war. Ähäm. Habe ich schon erwähnt, dass ich gerade hysterisch bin und ne Schreibwut habe?
Ich bin zumindest glücklich, dass ich es durchhalte. Sonst bin ich schon viel zu oft Loser in irgendwas gewesen. Langsam reichts auch.
Übrigens habe ich so kurz vor Ende einen totales Plot-Twist eingebaut, der gar nicht geplant war o_O
Meine Protagonistin hat jetzt nämlich nicht nur Probleme mit meinem MMC, sondern auch noch mit ihrem Vater! *Schock* Der ist nämlich plötzlich aus der Versenkung wiedergekommen. Ich weiß nicht, was mich da geritten hat. Aber meine Protagonistin ist gerade ziemlich fertig mit den Nerven und total... depressiv o_O
Und ich laber viel zu viel drum herum. Aber solange es zum Wordcount beiträgt... XD Ich kanns später ja immer noch bearbeiten ^^
Nyo, ich geh jetzt weiterschreiben. Bin gerade sehr in Stimmung @_@

EDIT: Nachdem ich jetzt offiziell WINNER OF NANOWRIMO bin *vor Freude auf den Tisch hüpf und Party mach* und mich vorhin kurz verlesen habe und statt "Freunde zum LJ einladen" "Feinde" gelesen habe, wollte ich hier mal meinen Winner-Button hinpappen ^_^

Yay, ich bin stolz auf mich... ^_________^
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I started to read "Brave New World" for our English lessons and I liked it so far. It's pretty interesting. And somehow the style is very fluffy and funny. The one thing I don't like are almost ALL the girls... It's not because I like slash (honestly!) but because the girls are just... boring.
Except Linda. Because she actually had to cope with sudden changes and is now kinda crazy (because she was pregnant and got a child and usually children are produced in test tubes and it's SUCH A SHAME to be a mother - to even be called a mother is very distasteful). Well, it's the society.
"Everyone belongs to everyone else". And there are no families, no romantic relationships (because you MUST have sex with different people, not always with the same! What a shame if you do.) and no sadness. Because they have a drug called soma. I just can't help it but it reminds me of Fruits Basket ^^"

Anyway. I am behind with my NaNo-project. But I still like it. And I like my characters. Especially the main character's friends. And I didn't want my FMC and my MMC to be so friendly to each other. WHY are they so nice? They should hate each other but noooo, they already admitted that they DON'T. At least they still dislike each other a little...

And who's gonna gloat with me because we had snow for the last three days? *_* Yay! And Graci is sooo cute! She tried to catch the snowflakes and well, she's just so funny XD

I need those photos on my computer.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Yay, but I'll use two sentences, since I plan for my novel to be 100.000 words long ;)
It's a romance novel about Rebecca (a senior class student), who accidentally bumps into another senior class student named Patrick, so that they become sort of enemies. Later that day she goes to her girlfriend Nadine and breaks up with her, which - along with Patrick, who just transfered to her school - brings a lot of problems, because Nadine isn't going to leave it be and Patrick isn't going to leave Rebecca alone.
Yeah. It sounds silly and stupid but what I have in mind is reaaaaaly great! I swear!
Oh, and I LOVE to write arguments. And I'll love writing the one argument I already have in mind in full detail *_*
Oh, and I already have 5131 words! Let's party! =D

Another topic: I watched the Atobe-Special of Prince of Tennis yesterday. It was sooo cute! And random! And cute! And Atobe really has TOO much money. Oh, and I loved the Atobe-Face on the front of the plane.
And you could see Inui's eyes! xD
Prince of Tennis is so cute... Awwww.

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So, ich habe beschlossen, von myblog zum größten Teil hierher zu wechseln, weil myblog mich seit dem neuen Design total aufregt.
Gah. xD
Und hier gibt es diese tollen Tags und soooo viele tolle Möglichkeiten *hust*
LJ ist doch toll^^
So, wieder etwas Ordnung in den Eintrag ;D

Schreiben )

So, ich hoffe, jetzt bitcht LJ nicht mehr.
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~so you play where you want to play
on the main streets where the creeps all pray
and you can feel like you're in dynasty
and you can be what you want to be~

Nach unendlich langer Zeit nerve beglücke ich euch wieder mit einem Eintrag^^
Ich fühle mich gerade zwar richtig mies, okay, was heißt mies, ich fühle mich eben etwas scheiße, mir ist schlecht und mein Kopf tut weh, aber im Großen und Ganzen ist es doch okay... Ich hoffe nur, dass es morgen vorbei ist, denn da bekomme ich meine Ergebnisse der zentralen Abschlussprüfung zurück... und ich hoffe natürlich auf's Beste (Heißt: Englisch 1, Mathe 2 und Deutsch 2, schlechtestes wäre Englisch 2 Mathe 3 und Deutsch 3 xD schlechter kann ich nicht sein, weil keiner die mündliche Prüfung machen muss^^ bzw. Mathe geht keine 4 und 5 und 6 schon gar nicht, weil es diese Noten nicht gibt xD Durchschnitt ist übrigens 1,9...)

So, da ich es gerne übersichtlich habe, gliedere ich diesen Eintrag einfach mal^^



Random Thoughts

Und nun verabschiede ich mich, da ich seit fünfzehn Minuten zum Essen gerufen werde und gerade ziemlich komisch bin.

~and the morning is for you
and the air is free
and the birds sing for you
and your positivity~
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Ja, ich hatte Spaß und wollte unbedingt mal das Schreiben üben xD
Hier ist das Ergebnis v.v
Das braucht keine Warnungen, denke ich, bis auf eventuelle Unlogik und schlechten Schreibstil *g*
Es ist allerdings noch nicht ganz fertig, ich werde also noch daran arbeiten, aber es neigt sich dem Ende zu *lol*
Egal, bei Interesse einfach mal anschauen

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