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Oooh, I love this question =)
It must be a tie between Who wants to live forever and Radio Gaga. When I first heard Who wants to live forever on the radio I just fell in love with that song. It started so slowly, so calmly... and I could practically feel the emotion in Freddie Mercury's voice... and when he sings "When love must die" it's just HURRRRR *_____* I think that's my favourite part in that song.
I didn't like Radio Gaga as much as I do now before my German teacher talked about it and how it's a pretty critical song. Since he mentioned it in our class I started to listen to it more and somehow... well, I became a bit addicted to it xD Every time I hear it on the radio I'm singing along with it. It's great.
But, uh, I generally like Queen, so... yeah.

On another note... I've got more done on my writing. I'm starting to get some doubts about my Tactics fanfiction, but that's as expected from me *lol* I always get doubts about my stories. Thanks to my non-existent self-confidence. Screw you, you lousy self-confidence. (But I still love the plot).
The key is not to listen to that. Or else I won't get anything done at all. And we all know that you only really improve if you write a lot.
Anyway... Kantarou has got himself into big trouble already *lol* I just love getting my favourite characters into trouble.
... GREAT. Now my muse tossed me another idea, which requires rewriting the whole current chapter I'm almost finished with (and which would get Kantarou into even greater trouble sooner <3). Why is my muse so mean to me?
Maybe I'll find a way to do this so I don't have to rewrite all of that... I think I have an idea. Ain't I great today? o_O
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I collect ballpoint pens *lol* I'm sure I already have at least 150 different ones and I have more than one of several of them.
I don't even remember when I started that collection. But it must have been at least four or five years ago.
I love ballpoint pens. I love writing manually on paper ♥ And my favourite pen is this one:

In case you can't read what's written there, it's "Did my heart love till now?" and is a quotation from Romeo and Juliet, said by Romeo when he first sees Juliet ♥
I bought that pen in the Globe Theatre in London.
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Today it's a structured entry =)

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First of all: What the hell? I wouldn't want to be a copy of any writer! o_O I want my own unique style, thank you very much. So no, I wouldn't choose anyone and I wouldn't exchange my writing style even for a millisecond. Even if my writing style sucks. Because it would suck in MY way *lol*

Random, school life, writing and House MD under this cut :D )
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Well, not exactly the happiest - but I'm private tutoring a girl and she gave me a plate of chocolate with a cute reindeer on it at the end *_* IT'S SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!
Those things always make me so happy that I could cry <3
I feel so very loved <3<3<3
Nothing could make a crack in my happiness and glee right now +_+

I'll answer the comments tomorrow - am busy today <3
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Aww, I LOVE those questions, heheh.
Right now my favourite TV couple is Chase/Cameron from House MD (isn't that just obvious? I mean, header?). Yes. I know it's already the sixth season or so but I'm a textbook example of a late bloomer. I only watched season one to four (on DVD).
I kind of like House/Cuddy also but not as much as Chase/Cameron. What can I say? I'm obsessed. And it's not funny any more.

Some spoilers for season 3 I guess - for those who want to watch it =3 )
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Everybody lies. See?

About lies (+ a little about Transformers) )
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Uhm... it didn't have any title, which I find kind of funny. Lol.

Now a much much more interesting fact: OMG why didn't anyone ever tell me that Chase and Cameron ALWAYS look at each other when House says something sarcastic? I mean, watch the first episodes again and you'll see! o_O

Uhm... Nooo I'm NOT obsessed! *hides the house dvd boxes* ^__^

Buuut! I'll watch Transformers today because I have time, I think. I hope oO Anyway, I'll be going, my parents just arrived and will scold me if I don't.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Me? For about 2 minutes. Then I'd either start talking to myself, laughing, making strange sounds, or talking to non-living things like my computer, or a picture I look at if it's funny or something like that oO
Or I'd go and annoy my family members. Either will do. I tend to talk to my dogs as well. I just can't keep quiet except for when I sleep but even then sometimes I talk in my sleep xD
Just answered this because I wanted to do something other than my homework - but well, have to go now.

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[Error: unknown template qotd] Yay, but I'll use two sentences, since I plan for my novel to be 100.000 words long ;)
It's a romance novel about Rebecca (a senior class student), who accidentally bumps into another senior class student named Patrick, so that they become sort of enemies. Later that day she goes to her girlfriend Nadine and breaks up with her, which - along with Patrick, who just transfered to her school - brings a lot of problems, because Nadine isn't going to leave it be and Patrick isn't going to leave Rebecca alone.
Yeah. It sounds silly and stupid but what I have in mind is reaaaaaly great! I swear!
Oh, and I LOVE to write arguments. And I'll love writing the one argument I already have in mind in full detail *_*
Oh, and I already have 5131 words! Let's party! =D

Another topic: I watched the Atobe-Special of Prince of Tennis yesterday. It was sooo cute! And random! And cute! And Atobe really has TOO much money. Oh, and I loved the Atobe-Face on the front of the plane.
And you could see Inui's eyes! xD
Prince of Tennis is so cute... Awwww.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Me. 'Nuff said >:D
(And Writer's Block for posting this question so that I could tell everyone how great I am :D)
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Because I feel like it ^^
Heroes are those who rescue my cookies :D

I'm sorry for this totally random and senseless entry ^_^
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I'd love to say that I don't know any movie I hate. Unfortunately, I was forced to watch "The War Between the Classes" at school (I really loved the novel...).
It was the worst movie ever. At least of the movies I have watched.
I practically hate everything about it except for the beginning where they showed Amy's class watching Martin Luther King's speech. Because it was okay.
After that, I started to hate every second.

more... )
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[Error: unknown template qotd] "Live a life of no regrets"
Well, actually, I don't know if anyone said this but I find those words very inspiring to follow. I don't like making my life difficult by rules that are not necessary (e.g. religious rules or being a vegetarian (dude, humans eat everything and btw - animals eat other animals as well. It's only natural) ) or by being pessimistic or depressive all the time. I try being happy as much as I can and as long as I can. Life's still too short to have time being sad.

more... )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]My nickname in real life is "Igel" (German for hedgehog) because my friends are crazy (love you all ^_^).
They started with "Viggel" (because my name's Victoria). Don't know how they got that idea but then one of them somehow called me "veegel" and they just stroke out the V.
Friends just make the day ^_^
I'm so happy and jumpy and hyperactive right now, I think I got too much coffee *sparkle* *smile* *sparkle* ^_______________^
I'm gloooooooowing and I guess I'll be highly radioactive in about one minute *_* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~
Spread the love |D
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I have really nothing to do right now, so a little digging in the past won't hurt, right?
Three experiences in no particular order:

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