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SCRIVENER - THE Writing Program (by Literature & Latte)

"Scrivener for Mac OS X and Windows is an Award-winning writing software for novelists, scriptwriters, academics or anyone working on long texts requiring research and structure, or taming the chaotic process of writing. If you are looking for the best Book Writing Software, take us for a free 30 day trial period. Finish your ebooks, short stories, novels and other writing projects today quickly with Scrivener."

Every fanfic writing fangirl should so totally own this program. I bought it. I used it. I FELL IN LOVE. HARD. OH SO HARDDDDD. I know now I don’t need no man. I needed Scrivener all along. It’s like, the bestest best writing program EVERRRRR.

And my money. And you can have me too. Just let me write in Scrivener for the rest of my life.

Awesome features?
• the corkboard (with notecards)
• putting all kinds of documents into it like pics, pdf, audio…
• viewing two documents at the same time (like, writing while having a picture below or above)
• a frikking name generator
• awesome formatting
• Scrivening (viewing all the scenes in one document with edits to them being applied to the individual scenes)

And so much more. I think I might die of its awesomeness. It’s a dream come true.

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In capital letters because I forgot to write this post yesterday *le guilt*

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Happy New Year, everyone! :D
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Chemtrails. WTF.
I weep for humanity.


Apr. 29th, 2012 12:07 pm
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I watched The Avengers yesterday, and I have one word:


That movie was so epic! EPIC! ASDFGHJKLQWERTZUIO§&$#

The way they introduced each character! AWESOME. I mean, Natasha? HOW AWESOME WAS THAT? And Tony! GAWD, I LOVE TONY XD
And what I really hadn't expected is... that Hulk was so goddamn AWESOME TOO. So... so... SO AWESOME.
Yes, my vocabulary is very reduced right now. But I can't help eeet!
And that quarrel they had when Thor appeared! XDD Loki must have laughed his ass off. The whole cinema hall surely did.
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So I was at a Middle Ages Market (or whatever it's called in English) and... I saw an ocarina stand and well... I've got an ocarina now :D (Zeldaaa! The bestest best game ever invented because it's the only game I ever played till the end except for the pokemon and maybe some Mario and Yoshi games lol).
The problem with this ocarina is... I can't find any fingering charts for this type. None at ALL. It's a nine-hole sweet potato style one with four holes on the top and three on the bottom (two in the back). And it's F-pitched.

I have tried making me a fingering chart myself using my piano and trying out notes... and well, I think I've got one octave plus two more notes. But the half-tones are what kills me D: I just can't figure them out.
It seems the only way to get a fingering chart for my type of Ocarina is to buy another one where the chart is included -_- Thank you very much.

But nonetheless - I'm already playing Zelda's Lullaby on it *lol* I just can't help it that I'm a major Zelda fangirl.
One of these days I'm gonna cosplay Link and run around with that ocarina playing Zelda tunes <3

Oh, yes, and my brother and I bought a set of kunais *lol* I don't know what we need them for, but they were really cool (Narutooo!). I think we need to stop throwing away our money.


Feb. 19th, 2011 12:30 am
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Can someone tell my why NO fruits in the supermarket look tasty to me at all? I look at them and think "aren't there better ones somewhere?"
Honestly, why do they look so artificial? Or am I just going crazy somehow? @_@
Do I maybe have too high demands? I mean... it's fruits for God's sake! xD (I seem to prefer the ugly ones actually *lol*)

Aaand... Natsume Yuujinchou! <3<3<3 Oh, how I LOVE these series... Nyanko-sensei is great xD
"In exchange for protecting you, I take the book when you die. So I hope you die soon." xD
Hurrrr, how I love Japanese folklore and youkai stuff *____*
(why do I always like the most unknown stuff? It makes it so hard to find other fans and stories and pictures and all ._.)

Oh yes, and I'm through with all my exams, by the way. I'M THROUGH THIS F*SÜÄ'Ä'FjaioK.
Already got some results, too. They're really quick here XD
I'd like to be better, but 1,7 and 1,3 isn't bad, I guess. I know. I even demand too much of myself. That's what you get when everyone always expects you to be better than you actually are. Damn it. But I'm happy anyway.
*dances around*
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Four spam comments in the past week? SERIOUSLY?
I just changed my comment options to friends only because of this shit. But that won't hurt anybody since no one but my friends comment on my entries anyway.
You can friend me if you like, but it would be nice if I already know you (this isn't always necessary - just try me).

On to another topic: exams.
I've done the first in Tuesday. And I was sitting, looking at the questions, and thought "What the...?"
Not because they were so difficult... but because they were so utterly superficial.
It was so freaking easy. I'm still surprised XD (I didn't even need half the time we had).
Next is the listening test in English tomorrow morning, and then statistics on Saturday at 3.30. Yes. Who the hell did set this ungodly hour? Statistics will be easy, by the way, since we're allowed to take our script with us PLUS three written pages. Yeah, they call that an exam.

And I've finally got internet! Yay. And my brother has been here for that reason <3. I heart my brother. He fixed the zip on my jacket, which I managed to break so that I couldn't unzip it at the bottom *lol*

Aaaand finally, last news xD We're going to read "Schweigeminute" by Siegfried Lenz as well as "Ein liebender Mann" by Martin Walser for Literature Psychology (sorry, don't know what that's in English. Were these books even translated into English?).
I haven't even finished my books yet (cause a friend lent me some of hers which I also haven't finished yet *cough*), but oh well.
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Sorry I'm not writing anything. Cause I'm gonna write exams soon and am going crazy with all the terms right now 8D
It's really funny how much of the things we learned in school is outdated *lol*
And I really like methodology. I'm one of the very few who don't think it's a pain in the posterior.
Oh well, wish me luck.
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I wish you a merry christmas, I wish you a merry christmas, I wish you a WHITE merry christmas...
Well, this toy dog can sing better than me:

WHITE CHRISTMAAAAAS! I'm SO going to make a snowman tomorrow <3
I've loved the snow since it first fell. And I'm nooot gonna listen to all those grumpy people saying the snow's so unconvenient. Nah.


Jun. 24th, 2010 01:19 pm
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Okay, das geht jetzt an alle Bücher-Fans, die auch mal gerne Sachbücher lesen.

Ich hab mir hier eine Liste erstellt mit Bücher, die ich eventuell kaufen und lesen möchte. Also wenn jemand eines (oder sogar mehrere) dieser Bücher kennt und es gut oder schlecht findet, dann meldet euch bitte!
Ich bin gerade irgendwie auf einem Wissen-Aneignungs-Trip oder sowas. ^^

Also, meine Liste:

- Brian Greene: Der Stoff, aus dem der Kosmos ist (deutsche Version, weil billiger xD)
- Gerhard Vollmer: Biophilosophie
- Steven Pinker: The Stuff of Thought
- Hans Ulrich-Keller: Kompendium der Astronomie
- Hans-Jörg Rheinberger: Experimentalsysteme und epistemische Dinge
- Harald Lesch: Physik für die Westentasche
- Dorrit Schindewolf: Zur Freiheit des Willens

Und falls noch jemand irgendwelche interessanten Bücher zu Geschichte (obwohl ich da noch vorhabe, meinen Lehrer zu fragen), Neurologie, Psychologie allgemein, Soziologie, Chemie oder Physik kennt, durch die auch ICH durchsteigen würde (Physik hab ich nämlich nach der 10 ohne nachzudenken abgewählt, weil ich es nicht mehr ertragen habe mit dem Lehrer und meinem fehlenden Verständnis dafür *hüstel* - und Chemie... versteh ich zwar, aber nicht wirklich gründlich, was ich gerne würde), bitte melden |3
Oh, und wenns geht, nicht gerade Bücher die verdammt teuer sind... Ich hab nämlich eigentlich absolut kein Geld, da ich im Moment auch noch für meinen Führerschein spare *hüstel*
und wegen... anderer Dinge, die ich an dieser Stelle aber mal für mich behalte.

Ausleihen wäre natürlich auch eine Option... aber ich habe den Tick, dass ich die Bücher gerne selbst besitzen würde. Ist bei mir eben so. Ich habe ja auch To kill a mockingbird erst ausgeliehen, durchgelesen und dann gekauft (und nochmal gelesen), weil ich nicht anders konnte *hüstel*


Jun. 14th, 2010 10:46 pm
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I'm working now. I'm selling strawberries XD (it's not easy, honestly. You have to have much willpower not to eat them yourself!)

It's actually kinda funny how I panicked (in my head) because I thought I'd make every mistake possible (my inferiority complex coming through *cough*). But it's really simple. I don't have to do much. Just sort the bad strawberries out, keep enough on the counter and be friendly.

Sadly, I couldn't write the past two? three? days because my brother re-installed his computer... or still is. That's why he's using my computer. But mostly, he's playing WoW.
Still, I managed to write today *_* I'm proud of myself. I should always write as much as I did last week.
I already have some oneshots in mind for the summer challenge over at 120_minuten ♥ But today, I'm just too tired to write another one.

Yay for another random entry. And, err... just ignore my last one xD I was just out of bed... well, for an hour. But I couldn't write sooner, or didn't think of it, till I checked my mails.
Err... I'm tired. *flies off to sleep* |3


Jun. 8th, 2010 09:13 am
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I swear, one of these days I'm going to kill either my father's clients or our phone. WHY THE HELL DO THEY PHONE US AT HOME AT EIGHT???
Now I'm awake and I didn't have much sleep to begin with (err... well... a reaaally interesting fanfiction... don't ask when I was finally in bed).
Stupid clients.
Stupid phones.
I'm tired. But I guess I can work on my stories now.


May. 7th, 2010 10:36 am
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Two days ago I stayed at my friend's house... well, she was the first to congratulate me for my birthday, after the film we've watched (because it was exactly 12am) ♥
Somehow my birthday this year was very not the way I had imagined it *lol*
And I'm 19... meh, 18 is a nicer number. I wanna be 21 soon, since that number isn't bad, either.
If I could, I would have stayed 17 forever. I don't really know why I like that number so much xD
Anyway, I need breakfast (curse my brother for always sleeping so late!).
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I just watched it in 3D and it's soooooooooooooooooo great *__________________*
I love the Night Fury Toothless ♥ He's so cute... and those little dragons are pure love |D
I wanna has a dragon ;___;

(a better, detailed review will come later)


Mar. 4th, 2010 09:46 pm
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I'm done with my Biology and English Vorabitur (second to last exams). Yay~
Only Russian next Wednesday and I'm through! 8D

Biology was great. And yes, I chose both Neurophysiology themed suggestions *lol* They were so eaaasy. Especially the heroin task.

I need to work on my phrasing in English, though. In my ears it sounded so ugly what I've written o,O
But anyway...

I'm so ha-ha-happy ♥
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Honestly, I am.
I just looked at the categories on onemanga and saw that it had the category "gender bender", so I clicked it out of curiosity and because I found it funny. Then I just clicked on the first series they had and it happened to be 1/2 Prince.
It. is. so. freaking. hilarious!!! XD
It's so cute and funny, I can't stop reading *lol*


Jan. 1st, 2010 12:24 am
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an alle, die das hier lesen <3
Aufs Jahr 2010, auf ein gutes Abi meinerseits *husthust* und auf was auch immer ihr euch wünscht <3

Und ich bin jetzt Scrubs schauen, yay <3

<3 an die Macht!!! <3<3<3

PS: dieses icon, weil ich es so selten benutze <3


Dec. 16th, 2009 08:24 pm
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I was so happy that I went outside and drew a heart into the snow <3 Yay me!
I hope it will snow before or on Christmas. I really really really hope so!
Well, yes, this was spam! I love spam <3


Nov. 26th, 2009 09:20 pm
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I totally forgot to say that our dog is going to get puppies. At the end of this/beginning of next week. If I were Bumblebee I'd be playing "I'm so excited" now |D
I want at least four puppies. They're gonna be soooo cute! <3<3<3 I just can't wait to be king see and hold them *_*


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