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Since I got tagged (never thought that would happen someday *lol*) by [ profile] stharridan, here's the music meme.
Ten bands/singers and the first song I heard from them, the song I fell in love with, and my current favourite.

1. Linkin Park
First song: In the end
Song I fell in love with: Breaking the habit
Current favourite: In the end (again xD) and Forgotten and kind of Leave out all the rest

2. Muse
First song: Time is running out
Song I fell in love with: Time is running out (I know, it's the same xD)
Current favourite: Hysteria

3. Yellowcard
First song: Only One
Song I fell in love with: Believe
Current favourite: One Year Six Months

4. Alphaville
First song: Forever Young
Song I fell in love with: Forever Young ? xD
Current favourite: You could think I'd have enough of that song, but... Forever Young X"D I think it will be my all-time favourite with Alphaville

5. Hoobastank
First song: The Reason
Song I fell in love with: Out of Control
Current favourite: Same Direction

6. Keane
First song: Everybody's changing
Song I fell in love with: This is the last time
Current favourite: Looking Back

Actually... I don't really have any favourite bands besides Linkin Park, just favourite songs *lol* So it's kind of hard coming up with more bands and singers xD I hope it's okay if I list classical music too ^^°

7. Tchaikovsky
First piece: Nutcracker suite (through the animated movie xD)
Piece I fell in love with: I. Scene Lake in the Moonlight from the Swan Lake suite
Current Favourite: VIII. Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker suite
I just love these two ballets... Can't help it, though I also like his other compositions. So much feeling, so many emotions... He still makes me shudder sometimes.

8. Beethoven
First piece: no, NOT the Moonlight Sonata (what a surprise! ^^) but actually For Elise, one of my favourite pieces by Beethoven at that time <3 I loved it to pieces playing it on my piano. Every free minute I'd sit down and learn playing it without any mistakes.
Piece I fell in love with: Well, pretty classical mainstream, but it's the Moonlight Sonata. Loved playing it as much as listening to it <3
Current favourite: Hn, I'd say the sonata Pathétique

9. Frédéric Chopin
First piece: Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2
Piece I fell in love with: Fantaisie-Impromptu Op. posth. 66 I LOVE IT TO PIECES. IT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! Playing and listening as well *___*
Current favourite: Well, the Fantaisie-Impromptu - it's one of my favourite pieces ever and will certainly stay my favourite out of all Chopin-pieces. Hurrr, how happy I was when my piano teacher actually allowed me to play it <3<3<3 sooo much love. Especially the beginning and the end.

10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart I know, it's like... the mainstream of mainstream
First piece: It's a minuet... but I don't remember which. I have the notes here but it just reads "Minuet" lol. WHAT THE, I want to know what that is o_O But it was sooo many years ago... *sigh* oh the memories xD
Piece I fell in love with: Fantasia in D minor. Also one of my favourite pieces ever. I so SO much love the breaks! *_* GAWD, it's so awesome. And so much fun to play with its constantly varying pace.
Current favourite: Same as with Chopin - Fantasia in D minor. Although I, of course, love some other pieces by him too.

And now I didn't even get to mention Rachmaninov and Debussy and Schubert and Bach D: And I'm still missing my Vivaldi CD. Q_Q I want it back.

So, uh, feel tagged, f-list! If any of you is up to it, that is.
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Yeah, I have been tagged with two memes, Transformers and a random one *g*

The TF meme
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The 2nd meme
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Feel tagged if you want to ^_^

Some Meme

Oct. 5th, 2008 12:50 pm
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Yeah, I thought it was funny so I did it twice XD

• Put your music player on shuffle.
• For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
• You must write down that song title no matter how silly it sounds!

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