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Can someone tell me how to make the muse shut up when you should be learning? It's so frustrating to get all those ideas thrown at me when I'm in the middle of trying to remember the thousands over thousands different psychodiagnostic tests and methods by as many different people x_X
My muse really knows how to torture me. Must be why the newest plot bunny is about a schizophrenic girl... Too much studying combined with too many ideas.
And anyway, why is psychodiagnostics so freaking boring? And why do we have to learn the freaking history of psychiatry and psychodiagnostics? Isn't it enough that we know about it? I mean, it won't help us later at all... and we can still look it up when needed.
I'm not anti-history. I think it's important to know it (you know that quote "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"? But it's also kind of like that one "History teaches that history teaches us nothing"). But I also think it's useless to ask questions regarding history in exams. If you're not actually studying history.
Buuut enough of this.

I have decided that I'll continue my Tactics story in English. I've asked in the pretty empty and almost inactive German Tactics forum whether there's any interest in a story... and I haven't got an answer in five days, I believe. So... I'll switch to English. Bigger fanbase, better chance at getting any feedback at all. Though I still believe I'm not nearly good enough to be writing in English. Every time I read an English story, there are words I wouldn't have ever used because I'm not familiar with them, even though I pretty much understand them when I read them. Sentence structure(sometimes, when it's a more complicated one) and idioms are another such thing I'm nor very confident in.
So I decided I will make exercises from time to time. Like, writing a drabble with specific words I don't normally use. I'm of the opinion that you learn better if you're actually using the language. And quite some time ago I already made a list with words I want to learn well (words I read in other stories, in books, or when I was bored and randomly opened the dictionary, lol). Time to put that to use.

The weather is good again. Sunshine and all. I think I'll spend some time in our garden today - I know I'll miss the sun terribly in winter, so I'm planning on seizing the chance to sit in the sun while I still can. I'm such a sun person, it's not funny any more. It's got to the point that I'm annoyed at people in the train who put down the curtains o_Ó

So, I guess this is another rather random entry.
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